Advent 2009



Din is-Sensiela hija dwar l-importanza (esaġerata) tal-Jien. Mhux bija nnifsi li rrid timtela'.
S'issa hemm video wieħed biss f'din is-sensiela. c. 4 minuti. Jeżisti bil-Malti biss.
These videos have original captions in English and (machine-) translated captions in any language of your choice Use this icon seen on the player after video starts: Captions for U3,U4 ready soon

J1 - Alla f'Għemili?

Għemili jien nagħmlu? Hemm mod aħjar.



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Download the script for this Series in PDF Format .
Download Centering Prayer brochure/leaflet from Contemplative Outreach USA in ENlgish, Italian, French or Spanish
Download Centering Prayer brochure/leaflet in Maltese